Monthly Archives: November 2012

I am not suprised…

Today, yet another company (Hostess) has come out and stated that due to continued pressure by unions to both increase pay, and provide additional benefits during a time when they Hostess is showing a net loss of more than 15 million; they are going to liquidate their assets and shut the company down.

What a tradegy. More than 18,000 jobs will be lost nationwide, a company spokesman said it was tradgic but they could not afford an extended strike as they were already losing money. And it isn’t like the employees were working under slave labor conditions. Says one former employee;

“Many production workers earned up to $20 an hour, plus had access to medical benefits, according to Michael O’Brien, a former Hostess employee who had worked at the company for 45 years, in various sales functions, before he was offered a buyout last year” (

I am sure with the current government in place, and the mandate of new taxes against the rich and middle class, along with the Obamacare “tax” burden to companies around the nation, the trend of companies downsizing or closing down alltogether, will continue.

And what does that mean for the consumer; prices of goods will continue to rise. Just look at Papa John’s Pizza, and 40+ privately owned Denny’s in the south east. Both have stated that cut backs to workers hours and increase to customer bills will begin immediately to compenstate for the Obamacare bills, and added taxes to their bottom line.

How can the US continue down this path, and think it is good for our country!? The idea that ANYONE, that includes you and me, are entitled to #anything# other than the promise of saftey afforded to us by our government is beyond me. This government is destroying our nation, and if we don’t wake up, we will be the next Spain or Greece.