The #1 Threat to our Nation

Is it the continued dependence of foreign oil?

Is it Al-queda?

Is it Abortion or Planned Parenthood?

Is it Gay Rights and Gay Marriage?

Maybe it is unemployment in the US. With around 1 in 10 unemployed or underemployed in our nation today… that is a major issue.

All of these are important, without a shadow of a doubt. They are all things that we as a nation should be concerened with, and address now. But they aren’t the #1 threat to this nation.

I contend that the #1 threat facing our nation today is our national debt. And it isn’t just me; Adm. Mike Mullen, with more than a 43 year record serving our nation, says that the military challenges of our nation aren’t the threat. The national debt is the threat.

As stated in a recent interview, Mullen said

 I said it was — and I still believe this — that it’s the single biggest threat to our national security.

To gloss over this fact is to completly ignore the devistation that our nationl debt is having on our financial, military, and domestic health. But without our people, and our govn’t admitting that this is a problem, we will not begin to find a solution.

Recently, Obama was asked by (of all people) David Letterman, if he was concerend about our nations debt, and Obama quickly stated,

…the debt was a long and medium-term problem, but not an issue in the short-term

This is the leader or this great nation, completely unable to recognize the severity of our nations mounting debt; and also putting the weight of national debt resolution on those to follow him. That is my childen, and my childrens children. So they will have to pay for this generations selfish ways.

If the nation were to shut down today, and all interest were to cease accruing, the national debt per household would stand at nearly $150,000 per household. That is an astonishing figure considreing that the average household income stands at less thatn $55,000 per household (which is down from nearly $58,000 when Obama took office), and represents a 60% increase since Obama took office.

This generation. This administration. We MUST solve this problem before it destorys us. The national debt is our nations single biggest threat.

What do you think, do you think this is the

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